Travel Knitting

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. ~ Henry Miller

It’s been about a week since my last post. I’ve been traveling in the Midwest to attend a family wedding. It was so cold that it makes the rainy windy conditions in the PNW feel balmy. 007.JPGNaturally when traveling, I always bring extra knitting. I want to be prepared for the time I’m stranded for days in an airport. Normally, I think small compact projects, but this trip I went a little wild and brought my Never Gonna Let You Go Wrap with all three skeins. It had no problem going through airport security. I managed to get the next single color section completed. The shawl is currently at 129 stitches. 003I also brought along my Bonfire Headband. I was hoping to get this project completed. I’m using leftover bits of skeins from previously finished projects. Of course, I left the second partial skein sitting in the lounge at home. 003.JPG

Ernie says we have snuggles to catch up on!

P.S. I think the first completed wip for November will be finished very soon.


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