I myself have 12 hats, and each one represents a different personality. ~ Margaret Atwood

I love hats. I love knitting hats. I love getting hats. (Of course, if you’ve been following my blog for bit you already know this.) It stands to reason, I would be the target audience for a hat stall at the airport. It was sort of an impulse purchase as I already had two or three hats in my checked luggage. I just couldn’t resist. 001.JPGI also finished my first wip for November. Can you guess what it is? It’s a hat! Presenting my Cashmere Three Color hat. I should have made the smaller size, but sometimes it’s nice to have a slouche hat. I’m also excited to finish this project since the British Hubby bought me this kit as a holiday gift last year. Now I can ask for a new kit! 008.JPGI had a few scraps left so I decided to add it to my Neapolitan Blanket. At the rate I’m working on this, it’s going to take me a decade to finish. Now it’s three rows longer. 001.JPGErnie is catching up on snuggle time! 001Just three more projects to go.

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