Conspiracy: Zuma

“Trust no one.” The X-Files

Earlier this week, Space X launched a super secret government satellite into space. The classified mission was called Zuma. Sunday evening the first stage was completed, but by Monday evening Zuma was presumed lost. There isn’t that much information on what actually happened. According to this source, Space X Falcon 9 did everything correctly. I wonder what would a reported failure do to the private space industry getting future government contracts? Undoubtedly, someones shares would go down. Time provides more details here. It’s rather suspicious that the entire mission didn’t have a live stream according to the The Verge. Did Zuma fall back to earth? Is it orbiting dead in space? Whose going to claim this billion dollar mistake? Are private companies and secret military agencies going to point the finger at each other? Or is it actually spying on us all? It would be rather convenient if the public just forgot about this classified spy satellite.  By posting this, am I now on some classified conspiracy watch list? Here’s what Wired reported. IMG_20180105_1809179.jpgI tried to build Ernie a secret cardboard space ship so he could do some top secret  undercover investigation, but he thought it was good enough as a plain old box. I think he was unsure about being the first feline in space. We both suspect Big Brother is watching our every move.

If this is my last post, I was taken away in a black bag….

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