Where the Road Ends

Life is adventure, not predicament. ~ James Broughton

We’re having a brief dry spell this weekend. Last week, we had almost three inches of rain. Since it was dry and sunny today, we decided to take Ulysses out for the first ride in 2018. First, the British Hubby had to do a little maintenance work to connect my new heated gloves. After tinkering for about an hour, we discovered it was missing the connecting cable. This cable comes with the heated jacket. Naturally, I bought the heated gloves first by mistake. Fortunately, the new fur lined gloves are still warmer than my summer gloves. 016

Our first stop was a sunny spot on a forest road. It was a chance for me to have a cup of tea in the sunshine and listen to the river rush past. 1809085646492211149Next we followed the road until it ended. IMG_20180114_1955458It was great to be out today in the fresh air and sunshine, but I was so chilly by the time we arrived back at the homestead. Part of me wished I was snuggling in the flowers like Burt. Or maybe I just need to look for my own fur lining.

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