Dinner and a Movie

They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom. ~ Braveheart

This weekend, we continued our quest to watch all the movies that won an Oscar for Best Picture. The next movie on our list was The Broadway Melody from 1928, but we had a semi difficult time finding a copy of this movie so we moved down the list. All Quiet on the Western Front won best picture in 1929/1930.

This movie was grim. By the end of the movie I was teary eyed and nervously knitting. It was an interesting German perspective of World War I. One hundred years later, society is still sending it’s youth to die for causes they don’t understand. 009This movie was so intense, we took an intermission an hour into the movie. The British Hubby put a poke and wait in the oven. This week we had asparagus stuffed chicken breasts. Unfortunately, this version was a bit disappointing. It was really salty and slightly over done. 011Ernie decided to hide during this movie. 010One positive in this post, I had a completed wip ready for a soak! Stay tuned for the very first completed wip in 2018!


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