Unexpected Outings

Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them. – Jim Davis

I had a post mostly prepared for tonight, but then the unexpected happened. I arrived home from the day job to be greeted by two out of three kitties. Since I was an hour later than normal, it seemed odd that all three kitties weren’t eagerly pacing by their food bowls. Poor Burt isn’t feeling his best. He didn’t move while I fed Ernie and Gracie. Then I found the multiple places he had been sick during the day. Cats are often sick or they fur ball. It’s just one of the amazing joys of living with cats, but this was different. Burt just didn’t seem like himself. After consulting with the British Hubby, we decided to go to the vets. Fortunately, our vet is open late four nights a week. IMG_20180129_1910461.jpgNormally, getting cats into the carrier and traveling in the car isn’t the easiest job. Burt didn’t struggle and he hardly meowed. He did promptly get out of the carrier at the vets to hide under the table. IMG_20180129_1930327After the exam and diagnosis, he decided under the sink was much safer. Little did he know it really wasn’t. IMG_20180129_2013029His exam didn’t shed any light on what’s going on. There’s nothing obviously wrong. After some fluids and anti-nauseous drugs, we’re back home although Burt wasn’t sure it was safe to get out the carrier. The British Hubby is working from home tomorrow to keep an eye on Burt and go back to the vets if necessary. Burt may not be eating, but toast sure did make us feel better. Carbs are so comforting.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Outings

    • Thanks, Susan. The British Hubby is working from home today to keep an eye on Burt. We are very lucky our vet has late office hours so we didn’t have to go to the ER vets. It’s too soon to tell if he’s out of the woods yet. Hopefully I’ll have good news tonight.

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    • BH already had this planned due to a very early conference call so it worked out. He was interested in eating this morning, but it didn’t stay down. I think I let him eat too much. So far, he’s kept down two really small treats.


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