Books & Bold Betties

If the crowns of all the kingdoms of Europe were laid down at my feet in exchange for my books and my love of reading, I would spurn them all. – François Fénelon

I’ve been a life long bookworm. As a young adolescent, my family didn’t travel out of the Midwest. Books were my gateway into other parts of the world. As an adult, there just isn’t enough hours in the day to read and craft as much as I would like. To combat this problem, I often listen to audio books while commuting or doing those dreaded chores around the house. I often have specific titles I want to listen to, but sometimes I walk down the library isles to see what catches my eye. Reading up a Storm, was a complete impulse check-out. How can I turn down a murder mystery in a light house that is also a library? Did I mention there’s a cat on the cover? This story is just what I needed to unwind during my commute. It has a murder, a political scandal, a love triangle, a boat wreck, a library light house, a car chase and last but certainly not least Charles the cat. 001.JPGLast week, I had a complete impulse yarn purchase during a stressful day at work. Not only did I buy yarn, but I ended up joining a monthly yarn club! I normally try to stay away from those because I never seem to use the yarn that arrives. This club I think might be different. The next 11 months, I’m going to get yarn from an Indie Dyer that’s based off a Bold Betty in history. How could I not join that club? Pictured above is Jeannette by Western Sky Knits. It’s a 4 ply fingering weight sw merino. Jeanette Rankin is the inspiration for this skein. Jeanette was the first woman to hold federal office in the US and is still the only woman ever elected to Congress from Montana. Here’s a quote from, “Born on a ranch near Missoula in Montana Territory, she became a restless, extraordinarily energetic person and a fighter for altruistic, demanding, and sometimes highly unpopular causes.” Some how I think maybe we should all be more altruistic and fight for highly unpopular causes. You can read more about her time in Congress here007.JPGI was really unsure about my impulse purchase (although Burt couldn’t be happier), but I couldn’t be more thrilled with yarn inspired by Bold Betties from history. I think the world needs more Bold Betties right now. I’ve had this yarn for about 24 hours, and I’m already forming a plan. Stay tuned for what this yarn is destined to become.

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