What Happens on Vashon Stays on Vashon: Carb Lovers Gone Wild

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. ~ M.F.K. Fisher

This weekend, the British Hubby and I took our first weekend trip of 2018 on Ulysses. After several long bridges, two long tunnels (the first tunnels for Ulysses!) and a ferry ride, we arrived on Vashon Island. Our first excursion to this island. Even more exciting, the forecast was clear and sunny all weekend (naturally this also means cold). We were starving when we arrived so we headed for a local favorite, Perry’s Burgers. IMG_20180209_1744579This was our gateway meal. There was buns and french fries and onion rings. Yum! We hadn’t intended to carb load, but once we started it seemed to be the theme for the weekend. IMG_20180209_1753342This meal lead to short bread, ginger biscuits, Cadbury’s Crunchies, chocolate chip cookies, hot cocoa with marshmallows & with candy cane pieces, toast, cinnamon raisin bagels, OJ, salted caramel ice cream, strawberry cheese cake and chocolate pudding. 015Then there was pizza and stout. And maybe a second meal with french fries and onion rings. 033Ernie was so worried about us, he sent a tabby cat to check on us! 009

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