Saturday Brunch

Saturday mornings are for mimosas and brunch.

This morning, the British Hubby and I woke up to a sleety rainy snowy mixture coming down. It wasn’t accumulating, but it looked sort of miserable. Naturally, as carb addicts our first thought was carbs. Fortunately I had made a low carb breakfast casserole earlier in the week. It has all our favorites (mushrooms, zucchini and sausage) and an added protein surprise with cottage cheese being the dairy mixer with the eggs. I adapted this recipe. May addition was the zucchini as all good breakfast dishes must contain zucchini. 002The British hubby and I were still looking for some breakfast carbs. I tried a recipe from George Stella’s The Complete Low-Carb Cookbook. Here’s my attempt at coconut flapjacks. 011.JPGAmazingly, this simple recipe satisfied our carb craving. It doesn’t look that appetizing I know. I need some help flipping the flapjacks. 002.JPGThis is how Ernie keeps warm. He’s the only kitty that has figured out how to keep warm by with the heating vents.

Just four days left until March. Will I get any wips completed this month?

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