BBQ: The First

It is a miracle that barbecue survives formal education. ~ Albert Einstein

With snow covering the ground and the British Hubby recovering from his cold, Saturday we ventured into the world of smoking meat and BBQ. We needed a new grilling apparatus. Our new one uses wood pellets and has the option to smoke meat. Since living in Texas, the British Hubby has become a BBQ aficionado. The PNW is known for it’s fresh seafood and coffee; not its BBQ. After the grill purchase, we bought Jeff Phillips The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue: Smoking Meat. We bought a pork shoulder and decided we would try pulled pork. According to the recipe, our smaller joint should produce an afternoon snack with pulled pork sliders. Or so we thought. 004First, there was the mustard coating. 008This provided the glue needed for the rub. 010We waited for the grill to come up to temperature and placed the joint fat side down for the first two hours. Half way through, we flipped it to fat side up (or at least what we thought was half way through). 01112 hours later, we had pulled pork at 11:00 pm. It has a nice flavor even though the outer edge is slightly chewy. Nothing a little sauce can’t fix. 1643720877582223229We learned two items for our next smoking adventure.

  1. The grill fluctuates in temperature so it produces  smoke. We should set temperature higher to account for that.
  2. Towards the end, wrap the joint in aluminium foil to keep the heat in and help the internal temperature rise those last few degrees.

This is how Gracie waited for the BBQ to finish. She’s such a lazy kitty. 023It’s almost the end of the month. Will I get any wips done this month? Maybe not as many as I hoped since I’m on my hot yoga/sauna quest. It’s day five, and I feel fantastic.

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