Winter Still Clinging On

Bad weather always looks worse through a window. ~ Bill Lehrer

Yesterday morning, the British Hubby and I woke up to snow! It was little more than a dusting that was already melting on our back deck and front yard. I must admit the cold nights have been great for my allergies. I know most Pacific North Westerners are ready for Spring with less rain and warmer temperatures. I prefer the rain. 002.JPGSince the British Hubby and I were exhausted from the work week, we decided to have a low key Saturday. The British Hubby is almost over his cold. I think next weekend we will be fit for outdoor adventure. This gave me some extra knitting time. One item is off the needles having a soak! 027Ernie has discovered flannel! I think he needs his own flannel shirt or maybe a new flannel blankie. 019We’re ending the weekend with cheeseburger salads and a new cocktail, smooth rusty nail. It’s a great end cap to the weekend. 017

Day three of my two week hot yoga/sauna quest. I think I’ve successfully sweated out my carb cravings and dealt with some emotions I’ve been suppressing.

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