Malabrigo March Comes to an End

The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes. ~ Sir Winston Churchill

It’s the start of a new month. March is normally all Malabrigo all the time. This year I took a slightly different approach. I cast on a few new projects, but I also kept knitting on a few wips. Some were using Malabrigo and some used other fantastic yarns. I did manage to finish one project last month. I even had time to give it a soak last week.

Here’s my only completed project for March. Mecha Mania in Dewberry. Tomorrow it will be gifted to its new owner. Lucky for the new hat owner we are having rather chilly weather this week. As I write this post, the sleet is changing to snow and I’m not joking.008Last week, I posted my fantastic Grandma Gatewood yarn while I searched for the perfect pattern. One suggestion was for a Donner Pass Cowl. I love this pattern; however, it suggests a different weight yarn. I know I could adapt the pattern to work, but I just don’t see myself having the mental faculties to make that happen in the next few months. I do think this pattern might be a good candidate for Malabrigo March 2019. The two patterns I have in the running are Convertible Mittens and Ridged for Your Pleasure Mittens. I think I’ll be winding yarn this week. That’ll make Burt happy. 012My low carb quest has made me look for cocktails that contain less sugar. This means trying more whiskey and scotch while imbibing less wine and champagne. Searching for Drambuie cocktail recipes, I found these traditional Scottish recipes. The first one I tried was the Black Tartan. The British Hubby was my bartender. He shakes a nice drink (I think it’s his cute bum). 014.JPGIt went well with cheeseburger salad. Yum. 026We’re giving Ernie lots of snuggles. Mostly it’s to keep me calm while we wait. Just 28 days and 15 hours. 


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