The Seasons of Ural Riding

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship. ~ Louisa May Alcott

Last Friday, the weather forecast at our house predicated clouds but no rain. The British Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the situation and get out on the Ural (Ulysses). We planned our route and checked it twice. Snacks packed, we left our house for our journey to a lunch destination along the coast. About 10 minutes in, it started to mist. Twenty minutes later we decided to stop at the Motor Ride store for some towels. We decide my jacket wasn’t as waterproof as we thought so I got a new jacket too. This one is more reflective. Being highly visible on two or three wheels is always a positive. IMG_20180406_1257389

It continued to rain most of our journey to Stanwood. We were pretty cold when we found this quaint lunch destination. Lunch consisted of bacon cheeseburgers, pie and a pot of tea. I love it when I can get a pot of proper tea. I did have  a thermos, but having a cuppa in the rain wasn’t that appealing. IMG_20180406_1245348Next we found a yarn store to check out. We had a lovely conversation with the owner/work of PinchKnitter about Norwegian knitting patterns. I found this amazing book by Alice Starmore. Glamourie is simply stunning. The photos, the stories, the patterns are all stunning. I may have ordered some yarn Friday night (more details to come). I also bought some sock yarn. I can never have too much sock yarn (Tour-de-Sock will be here before you know it). 033We were fortunate on our journey home. It was clear and even sunny in a few places! Typical Spring weather for the PNW. IMG_20180406_1259338Ernie says, “Is Monday over yet?” How was your Monday? IMG_20180409_1741500Just 20 more days until Ernie is radioactive.


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