All Tunnels Lead to the Weekend!

We think there is endless time to live but we never know which moment is last. 

This week, I picked up a new toy for the kitties. Straight out of the packaging, it wasn’t a hit. It was missing that familiar scent of our herd. Once it aired out, I sprayed some catnip on it and added a few favorite toys. Friday night, I caught Gracie having a fantastic time with it. Clearly her weekend is off to a great start. Of course, it’s always the weekend if you’re a cat. 012Currently, Bonnie Prince Charlie is my favorite Friday night drink. It makes me feel like royalty.027How is your weekend going? It was sunny all week in here, but now it’s raining. Great for my allergies, but not great for a Ulysses adventure. 021Hope your weekend is going well.

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