Sprouting up Mittens

Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat. ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

It’s Spring time here in the Pacific Northwest. That means pollen and new growth. The vibrant greens and floral colors are a welcome change from the gray gloomy winter days. Naturally, this means I’m working on projects for much cooler weather. Winter is coming after all. 001.JPGI finished my first pair of color work mittens in my Stitch Sprouts class. I’m not sure why I decided I needed to make the larger size, but these are too big. Fortunately, the British Hubby thought they looked cool. This pair will be for him. Glehnii is my second completed project this month. 005.JPGEven though these turned out too big, I still earned the badges for this project. I have a Thumbs Up and a Colorwork badge. I’ve started Glehnii the Second, but reversing the colors. The smaller size should fit better. 006.JPGToday, we packed Ernie’s overnight bag for his stay in the nuclear ward. This time tomorrow, he’ll be radioactive. Okay, his bag only contains all his favorite food and treats. He’s not allowed to bring anything else from home since it would become contaminated. 031.JPGIt was none stop snuggles this weekend.

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