Tea for Two

Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. -T’ien Yiheng

This morning, I spent a few hours at my day job getting ready for the work week. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish when I’m the sole employee in the building. Normally, Sunday mornings the British Hubby and I have a leisurely brunch in our pajamas reading the latest articles in New Scientists. This Sunday we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at the British Pantry for a traditional English breakfast including beans and grilled tomatoes. IMG_20180506_1112192The British Pantry is our go to place for all imported items from the UK. It’s one of my favorite places to go for afternoon tea or a special tea biscuit. A pot of tea and some knitting is all I really need to be content (okay, and maybe a few kitties and the British Hubby). Today, I had with me a rather new project. At the beginning of April, I stress bought some yarn when we found out Ernie had a thyroid problem. I’ve been slowly working on my Summer Linen Wrap. The pattern is Itaca by Stpehen West. The pattern is all garter stitch all the time making it great for stressful work days or when your kitty becomes radioactive. The first section is a two row repeat for 96 repeats. Naturally, this feels like a million repeats. I’m around 50 repeats, but every repeat is getting longer. IMG_20180506_1100198While we were eating breakfast, I spied these interesting mugs. The British Hubby informed me they are Toby Jugs. I had never heard or seen anything quite like them. I may have to do some ebay browsing. IMG_20180506_1112020We have 10 more days of radioactive homework with Ernie. Not getting too close with snuggles is the most challenging part. But is helping out acting as a buffer. 005

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