Books and Mitten Update

Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.  ~ Pierce Brown, Golden Son

This past weekend, the British Hubby and I originally planned to have a picnic and a Ulysses adventure, but the British Hubby came down with a nasty cold. I found myself with some extra time with my audio books. Man’s Search for Meaning was not exactly what I was expecting. The first section talks about the author’s experiences in a concentration camp during World War II. Compared to those experiences, it put my struggles and complaints into perspective. I didn’t have a moment of enlightenment, but I did come to a better understanding about my purpose in life. This book is one I could read every year and gain new insight. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it. 001Mitten Update:

  • Glehnii: Mitten two is still waiting for a soak.
  • 21 Colors: I’m on color five. Not making great progress on these.
  • Glehnii the Second: I’m making the smaller version this time reversing the colors. Slow but steady progress on this one. 004

Just over 8 days left for our radioactive homework for Ernie. Fortunately, today he decided to sleep in the cube while Burt is bird watching.

Next up, Booked for Trouble, book number in the Lighthouse Library Mystery.

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