For A Few Skeins More

“When the chimes end, pick up your needles. Go ahead and out knit me Colonel. Just try.” ~ Movie quote from For A Few Skeins More For_A_Few_Skeins_More Thursday, I was galloping solo as I rounded up a few more skeins. I managed to make it to three more shops. The trail led me to All Wound Up, Mad Cow and Serial Knitters where I collected three more brands and badges. 003.JPGAll Wound UP was featuring NanoStitch Lab yarn. It’s hard for me to pass up sock yarn. The two colors I acquired are Solar Flare and Moonlight. Next, I found Farmers Daughter Fibers. A lovely skein with 218 yards of worsted superwash wool. No plans for this one yet, but I think it will make a lovely hat or cowl or fingerless mitts. Hmm, maybe I need a few pattern suggestions on this one. Leave a comment if you have ideas. 008My trail to Mad Cow was a bit circuitous. I may have gotten a bit lost. My trusty steed and I had to pullover once or twice to check out the lay of the land. It was worth my efforts for another new to me sock yarn by Hula Hut Yarns. The color reminds me of sunsets. Serial Knitter also got me with their Dye House sock yarn. Naturally, their featured yarn was the ones they dye in house. It reminds me of lilacs. IMG_20180517_1717476Check out this interesting tree I came across on the trail.

010.JPGGracie says, “I take no baggage.”

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