A Fist Full of Yarn

When a person with a straight needle meets a person with a circular needle, the person with the straight needle is already lost. The person with the circular needle can run rings around them. ~ A Fist Full of Yarn (movie quote) a_fistful_of_yarn.jpgOn Wednesday, the Puget Sound LYS Tour started. Five days and 26 stores. I had my passport, my saddlebags were packed and my trusty steed was fueled. 007After the day job, a coworker joined me for the first two stores, Quintessential Yarns and Tolt. I didn’t intend to buy yarn at both stores, but well I only bought a fist full. Intrepid Otter was the featured yarn at Quintessential Yarns. It’s going to become Mystik Spiral Socks. I think it will be perfect. The second is Swans Island Ikat Collection in Firefly. It’s purple tie-dye. Need I say more? 013Tolt provided me with another fist full of yarn. Mondim is sock yarn from Portugal. (It’s the speckled red yarn on the left.) I’m stocking up for Tour-de-Sock. I couldn’t keep my hands off Woolfolk Luft. It’s a combination between clouds and kitten fluff. You would never believe this is a merino wool and pima cotton blend. I think this is going to become either a Wombat or a Solv. Suggestions are welcomed.

On our hunt for chow, we came across life sized flowers. 004.JPGBurt kept the British Hubby company while I was rounding up new yarns.

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