Quarter Finals Celebration

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

The British Hubby and I recovered from the fright of our lives yesterday just in time to see England advance to the semi-finals in World Cup play. Given how exhausted we were, I’m glad I set the alarm so we didn’t sleep through the match. Both goals were fantastic! I even managed to nervously knit a bit once I woke up after my first proper cuppa. (I’m still working on Crabby.) 013To celebrate we had a champagne brunch. I made a fresh crustless quiche. (We’re getting back to the carb free lifestyle.) Ernie was excited for a few bites of fresh bacon. He acts like he missed all the snuggles, but I suspect it was really salami snacks he was missing. 017PS: TDS started this morning. We’re 15 hours in and there are 15 pairs of completed socks!

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