Radioactive Update

There are no ordinary cats. ~ Colette

It’s Friday! This has been another scorching hot week in the PNW. While the day job does provide relief from the hot air outside, I spent a rather large amount of time there attempting to keep up with the demanding work flow this week. The highlight this week was Ernie’s three month check up from his radio active thyroid treatment. His hormone levels are still right where they should be. And he’s back up to 12 pounds. He was just under 9 pounds when he went in for the treatment. The treatment was a success. There are no signs of his tumors coming back. Ernie won’t need to take any medication. We can even dispose of the radioactive poop!

Since it was Friday, I thought we should celebrate with tuna.No one complained about extra big portions. IMG_20180810_1546245Gracie decided she had to eat her bowl in her normal eating spot on the tower. I managed to snap a photo with her tongue out. IMG_20180810_1546079Burt and Ernie were content in the kitchen. IMG_20180810_1551379I’m celebrating this Friday with a new Cheep and Cheerful bottle. It was slightly less expensive than last week’s bottle. The chickens on the label caught my attention. It reminded me of my Midwestern Roots. 

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

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