Signs of Autumn

Each moment of the year has its own beauty. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This past weekend, there was a brief reprieve from the heat and smokey conditions. I took advantage of the lovely weather to have a morning stroll with a Stitch Sprouts knitting chum and check out a yarn store. The trail we were on seems like it could have been a railroad track at one time. It was long and straight. Perfect for walking or biking. It’s stretches for at least 20 miles with plenty of stops for a bite to eat or in our case a yarn purchase. IMG_20180818_1023262The trees along the trail are already showing signs of Autumn. I’m not sure the night time temperatures are getting cold enough for the leaves to be changing colors or if it’s the extremely dry summer we’re having in the PNW. 003Tolt is one of my all time favorite yarn stores. I love to wander in and be inspired by the yarn fumes and rustic displays. This was my Stitch Sprouts knitting chum’s first visit to Tolt. We both walked away with some exciting new purchases. First, can I mention how special they wrap up every purchase. 004Am I the only one that thinks my yarn resembles a fresh loaf of french bread? Or maybe I’m craving carbs? Is it obvious bread is my arch nemesis? Good thing I’ve started running again.007It was a tough decision, but I finally settled on plant dyed yarn from Thirteen Mile Yarns. These will make a fantastic pair of bed socks with contrasting heels and toes. If I’m feeling spicy, I might add in a stripe or two. I love the slight variegation in the cream color. 001I couldn’t resist some knitting bling to add to my day job’s security lanyard I’m required to wear.


Is this my cute side?

If the forecast holds out, this weekend should be great hiking weather.

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