Godzilla Paraphernalia

The only thing scarier than Godzilla is Godzilla’s lawyers. ~ Paul Watson

Friday night is Godzilla movie night. Somehow, the British Hubby got a little confused and found the wrong film in our viewing order. Rather than talk about the movies out of order, this week I’m going to discuss our latest Godzilla themed purchase. In a few weeks, there will be a double dose of Godzilla movie mania.projrctorAs you can imagine, there is no shortage of Godzilla paraphernalia available. I don’t recall exactly why the British Hubby and I thought Ulysses needed to have a new Godzilla car horn. Why not is probably the better question. IMG_20180210_1209428.jpgYou too can have a Godzilla car horn. Scroll down to hear what the horn sounds like. Did I mention it’s loud?

We managed to find our favorite Godzilla food. Stuffed jalapeno poppers. The British Hubby has decided it tastes better with salsa. I prefer mine in the original classic style with only sour cream. IMG_20180819_0930560This weekend, the kitties had their latest meowbox. It’s possible The British Hubby and I enjoy these boxes more than the kitties. Carnival was the theme. I especially love the kitty in a bumper car with feathers for the pole and the corn dog catnip toy. Love it!

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