Secluded Hiking

It’s impossible to walk in the woods and be in a bad mood at the same time.

The temperatures have finally dropped. There is still a hint of smoke in the air, but it’s not as hazy as last weekend. The British Hubby and I thought we would attempt to hike. We’re a bit rusty so we wanted to stick to around five or six miles. Here’s an old avalanche field. You can see the trees coming back through the rocks. IMG_20180825_0924273We set our alarm pretty early for a Saturday morning and managed to hit the trail head at a reasonable time. To out delight, we had the trail basically to ourselves. There was one trial runner (I’m pretty sure they caught me comping a squat. Sorry trail runner) at the start and a plethora of slugs. I counted 18 in total. Okay, it is possible a few were counted twice, but not that many. Check out the fatty below. IMG_20180825_1108431We also spotted some mushrooms and tons of berries.


I wasn’t expecting to see any water on the trail, but we crossed three trickling streams. IMG_20180825_0929391 It was even cool enough for tomato soup at our lunch spot, but not so chilly that I needed knit wear. IMG_20180825_1042042It was chilly this past weekend. The kitties are back to snuggling up for warmth.  013P.S. Guess what’s coming this weekend! 005


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