Conspiracy Thursday: Chemtrails

You simply cannot invent any conspiracy theory so ridiculous and obviously satirical that some people somewhere don’t already believe it. ~ Robert Anton Wilson

A few weeks ago, the British Hubby and I started listening to Conspiracy Theories on our no tv Thursday nights. 2018 is the year of Intrigue, Conspiracies and World Domination. This week’s conspiracy is about chemtrails. It seems fitting after last week’s adventure into Area 51. (Having an Area 51 vacation is now on my must do list!) You’re probably wondering what exactly is a chemtrail? There’s a fantastic explanation on How Things Work. 

These clouds have been blamed for climate change, crop failures, illnesses and mind control (this is my favorite theory). How can you go wrong with a mind control conspiracy? There are a ton of chemtrail conspiracy websites out there. I’m going to list a few more interesting ones here:

The government does have a history of using chemical warfare. Agent Orange was tested on American populations without warning anyone. And there’s precedent for using cloud seeding in weather warfare. Check out Operation Popeye. It was recently declassified. 003My favorite explanation is the government is using chemtrails to destroy crops, make the population sick and docile as part of the new world order. This is a long game view on mind control. I think chemtrails might be mind control creating my love of casting on new projects. The photo above is another new project. Shimmering Opposites was an impulse buy earlier in the month. I suspect chemtrails have created my love for sparkly yarn. 007Cat Conspiracy:  Chemtrails are causing climate change so there will be less sunlight for cat sun bathing. This explains why Gracie is soaking up as much sun as she possibly can.

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