Conspiracy Thursday: Lizard People Rule the World

Civilization is a conspiracy. Modern life is the silent compact of comfortable folk to keep up pretenses. ~ John Buchan 

I’ve worked the past 13 days without much down time, but I didn’t want to miss two Conspiracy Thursdays in a row. I’m pretty sure I would sleep through a pod cast episode. I thought it was fitting to talk about a conspiracy made popular by a professional British conspiracy theorist, David Icke. lizardAre the top political powers really shape shifting reptilian aliens? It does seem likely they would want to make humans into mindless slaves. Apparently, 12 million Americans actually believe this. I’m not convinced. I find it highly unlikely that reptiles could knit or do any kind of fiber craft. However, there are an awful lot of non knitters out there. I think that’s a sign everyone should learn a fiber craft. 011Cat Conspiracy: … we don’t talk about lizard people.

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