Island Time

Take every chance you get in life cause some things only happen once.

I’m finally getting around to post about our time at Lummi Island. We stayed at a quaint beach house that was within walking distance to the beach. It had no clocks at all. It was fantastic to not pay attention to what time it was and do whatever we wanted.IMG_20180902_1346383After breakfast, we went down to the beach. The tide was in. Check out how clear the water is. IMG_20180902_1121414Our beach house provided two bicycles. We went for a lovely ride around the island. IMG_20180902_1155346We stopped to watch some sea lions sunbath on a rock. You can’t really see them, but they’re out just really tiny. IMG_20180902_1155008Once the tide was out, we saw some interesting marine life in the tide pools. IMG_20180902_1604396Then I watched the ferry and knit in the sunshine. IMG_20180902_1600064

It was a fantastic. Next time we go back for much longer.

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