The Early Bird Catches the Dragonfly Larvae

We make our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about ourselves. ~ Mike Carey

 projrctorImage result for movie rodan

Two months ago, the British Hubby and I started watching the Godzilla movies. It was the last Friday the 13th. Godzilla has become part of our Friday Night Celebration. Two weeks ago, we watched Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster. You may recall, Rodan and Godzilla worked together to defeat Ghidorah. Rodan - Non-alien Creatures Wiki

Rodan was an impressive mega monster created from nuclear testing. Its not surprising Rodan is featured in its own movie. One would think the Japanese people would be grateful that Rodan saved them from the giant dragonfly nymphs. Planet Blue: All-Out Giant Monster Attack! Episode 10 - Rodan

But like all great civilizations, the Japanese think their way of life is better than Mother Nature. The government was attempting to neutralize Rodan when a second Rodan showed up! The British Hubby thinks Rodan is a plant from the construction industry to drum up business. Did you see how much destruction their wings can create? It’s impressive. Godzilla | mike's collectionI can’t decide which mega monster I like better Mothra or Rodan. I suspect both have knitted nest cozies in their mega monster lairs.

Movies with subtitles require simple knitting projects. Dishcloths are perfect for movies with subtitles. I finished the first Seahorses by the Seashore and started a Sunshine Pebble dishcloth.

IMG_20180728_2044346.jpgErnie’s impression of Godzilla isn’t quite right.

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