World Cup Withdrawal

It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success. ~ Lionel Messi

I love the World Cup. It’s four or five weeks of amazing futbol. You probably recall several posts from this summer. I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope another four years before the next World Cup. The British Hubby’s Mum is a Liverpool fanatic. She has season tickets and often travels to see them play away games. She turned me on to LFCTV Go. Now I can watch the full matches a few hours after its viewed on live tv. Given the time difference from the PNW and the UK, that works out just fine. IMG_20180929_2132239

What’s really exciting, Liverpool was leading in the Premier league until today. Earlier this week, we lost to Chelsea in the Carabao Cup. This was our first loss. The draw today against Chelsea in Premier League action dropped LFC to second place beneath Manchester City. They are only due to goal difference. The total points are even. I’m excited to watch the match tomorrow. Right now, I get live updates on my phone. Matches are great for dishcloth knitting. I’ve started my next Pebble cloth. IMG_20180903_1756217This is Gracie before a match. She doesn’t like how exciting footy can be and often runs off to hide under the bed. Go Reds!


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