Twisted Cuban

No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive. ~ Gandhi 

I love my British Hubby. He’s quirky. He’s witty. He’s humorous. He’s also a hermit crab. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a card carrying introvert. When an introvert marries a hermit crab, they don’t often venture outside of their own bubble. While this makes their three kitties very happy, occasionally new adventures keeps life spicy. IMG_20180929_1900269Saturday night, the British Hubby put on his fancy kickers for a meal on the town. Big step, we were trying a new to us restaurant. We hadn’t eaten Cuban food since we left Southern California many years ago. Twisted Cuban sounded like just the right spot.  IMG_20180929_1745300I started out with a mojito and dominoes. IMG_20180929_1747256Followed by empanadas. IMG_20180929_1800299For the main entree, I went with a sandwich and salad. My meal was fantastic. Of course, that’s a the carb addict talking. The British Hubby decided on the ropa with salad.  IMG_20180929_2047303Since we didn’t miss feeding time, I’m pretty sure Ernie and Gracie didn’t move while we were gone.

On another personal note, the British Hubby has survived another round of layoffs. He’s one of the lucky 17 employees still at the company.

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