Godzilla: Public Service Announcement

Godzilla is the son of the atomic bomb… the sacred beast of the apocalypse. ~ Tomoyuki Tanaka

projrctor Image result for godzilla vs. hedorah

Since the last Friday the 13th, the British Hubby and I have been watching mega monster movies or Godzilla movies every Friday night. The next movie was Godzilla vs. Hedorah. This is the first movie in the 70’s. Pollution and smog were a huge problem. This movie felt like a giant public service announcement. Image result for godzilla vs. hedorahHedorah starts off in the water as a giant tadpole that feeds off pollution in the sea.

Image result for godzilla vs. hedorahThen it moves onto land. Image result for godzilla vs. hedorahThen it’s able to fly and change shapes. Image result for godzilla vs. hedorahThis makes Godzilla up his game. He figures out how to fly and ultimately defeat Hedorah. Image result for godzilla vs. hedorahThis was the first Godzilla movie that branched out from just models. The movie had animation drawings. It won’t be long before we see more special effects and CG in the Godzilla movies. It’s been really interesting watching the Godzilla movies progress through the different eras and see advances in cinematography. IMG_20181019_1821252.jpgHere’s the British Hubby’s second attempt at Cheesy Mushroom Caps. You can’t tell but was a little heavy on the bacon bits and was missing the crushed garlic. I tried a new cider for my Cheep and Cheerful. It reminded me of fizzy grape juice. 003I managed two more rows on my Plum Biased during this Godzilla movie. I think I’m about two more rows shy of the two inches of ribbing I need to move onto the main part of the wrap. 008Here’s Burt trying out his Godzilla impression. I think he has it confused with King Kong.

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