Social Distancing with Jaws

Mayor Vaughn: “Amity as you know, means friendship.” ~ Jaws Growing up, the British Hubby never celebrated July 4. Why would he? This is not an important day in UK history. As we became a couple and merged our lives together, it was important we create our own reasons to celebrate holidays from both our…Read more Social Distancing with Jaws

Friday Night Double Feature

"There's no place like home." ~ The Wizard of Oz After Clint Eastwood movies we started watching Hong Kong Action movies. These are fantastic, but a bit violent. The shoot outs and combat is much more theatrical, but there is so much collateral damage. In the current world climate, it's hard to watch so many…Read more Friday Night Double Feature

A Better Tomorrow

"They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!" ~ Braveheart Action movies are great in every culture. A Better Tomorrow is an outstanding Hong Kong action film. While it may seem like a hooky 80's action flick, it's number two on the 100 Best Chinese Motion Pictures. This movie may have boxy…Read more A Better Tomorrow