Craftvent Day 1

Yesterday is ashes, tomorrow wood. Only today does the fire burn brightly. Live today! ~ Eskimo Proverb

It’s December 1. I should be showing you all the completed projects from November. I can offer you too many wips for one knitter to have on the go and cat fluff. 

A few months ago, I had a stress driven impulse purchase. Craftvent from Jimmy Beans. I grew up Catholic and we had the same advent calendar year after year. Ours told the story of the nativity scene. No candy or treats or a gift. Advent calendars have advanced since I was little. This couple made a life sized calendar out of legos. 

Today’s clue hinted at something with snaps. And indeed it is a project bag with snaps. I know I should probably look ahead to start the pattern, but that seems like it would spoil the fun. 

We put up the Christmas tree in honor of the first day of December. This is one of the British Hubby’s holiday traditions. Burt decided the box was just his size. 

I wonder what will be in drawer # 2? Have you started your Holiday traditions yet? 

2 thoughts on “Craftvent Day 1

  1. I look forward to the unveiling of your craftvent calendar! I grew up Baptist, so I had never heard of advent calendars. But since there was chocolate, I was on board as soon as I had kids!

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