Craftvent Day 4

Peace cannot be kept by force;it can only be achieved by understanding. ~ Albert Einstein

I tried to finish clue # 3 on December 3. I really did, but lace isn’t something you can knit successfully when tired. I’ve decided I’m in this for the journey. it doesn’t matter if I’m still opening drawers in 2019. 

Here’s my shawl after completing clue # 3. I love the sparkles and the lace pattern. I always feel so smart when the pattern creates waves in my knitting! Silly I know. Some cultures teach knitting to five year-old children. After all, if you can tie your shoe, you can knit. (I secretly wish I learned to knit when I was five.) 

Clue # 4 hinted at more yarn. No sparkles this time. Maybe clue # 5 will be that dehydrated kitty. (I may have asked Santa to bring me a kitten this year.) 

Burt was pretty miffed to be wearing the Santa tie. I’m pretty sure I saw Ernie snuggle up with it, but not Burt. Once freed, he ran off so he couldn’t be assaulted again. If only he knew all the holiday fun we have in store for him.  

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