Craftvent Day 5

We shall never know the good that a simple smile can do. ~ Mother Teresa 

Today is December 8. I’m opening Craftvent drawer # 5. Could I attempt to catch up over the weekend? Maybe. Do I care I’m now four days behind? Not really. Am I having a fantastic time with my knitting advent calendar? Absolutely! 

Clue #4 indicated more yarn. It was a shorter clue than the lace section. I guess each section isn’t divided up with equal amounts of knitting. Maybe catching up is a realistic goal? (Who am I kidding? I see casting on for a new hat in my future.) I’m really enjoying the sparkly yarn from day 3. I sure hope it makes a come back. 

Clue # 5 indicated more yarn. It’s a new color. A lovely icicle blue. Here’s the yarns used so far: 

I’m enjoying my Craftvent 2018 so much, I bought us a chocolate advent calendar. The British Hubby grew up with this type of advent calendar, but not such a fancy one. This one is from a French chocolatier. 

Gracie’s turn for the Santa tie. She wasn’t fussed by it. I don’t think she can feel it will all her fluff. 

I suspect Day 6 will be yarn, but I’m still holding out for chocolate or a dehydrated kitten. Hope your holiday season is off to a great start. 

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