A Rose by Any other Name

Goddammit. It’s Godzilla! 

Friday night is Godzilla movie night. ROAAARRRR! Just 161 days and 5hours before the new Godzilla movie. A new Godzilla trailer was released last week! Are you excited yet? 

Godzilla vs Biollante was an 80’s movie through and through. It as released in 1989 complete with nuclear terrorists, a gun fight with villains in trench coats and tank tops, Godzilla cells being used to produce anti-nuclear bacteria, and a giant plant with the spirit of a human. Did I mention the 80’s power suits and skin tight stone washed jeans?  

Image result for godzilla vs biollante

The British Hubby thought the 80’s villains were a bit too cheesy. The villains with slicked back hair, shades and trench coats didn’t bother me. I loved the giant rose that mutated into another giant Godzilla like creature. 

Image result for godzilla vs biollante

Naturally, when you cross Godzilla cells with a plant you create a monster that can spew nuclear pollen.

Image result for godzilla vs biollante
How can Godzilla beat part of himself? 

I thought this movie was great. Biollante could just be my new favorite monster. Mothra vs Biollante. Who would win? 

The British Hubby is working on an early Christmas gift that required some assembly. He’s added heating elements so we’ll have heated seats! Right now we have two car seats in our lounge so he can do some work without getting drenched. Ernie has decided they’re new hiding spaces. Doesn’t he look fierce? I think that’s his Godzilla face. 

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