Craftvent Day 14

If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it any where else. ~ Marvin Gaye

It’s the last day of 2018. Where did the year go? 2018 was the year of Intrigue, Conspiracy and World Domination. I’m not sure how much I dominated. There were many times I felt dominated by the world, but I have enjoyed Conspiracy Thursdays. Hopefully, my dear followers have as well. I think that will continue in 2019.

I was pretty adventurous with my knits. Stitch Sprouts and Craftvent 2018 were new knitting quests for me this year. I was making good progress on Craftvent 2018 until I finished piece one and realized piece two was going to be a repeat. Knowing what’s coming next has made me lose a bit of mojo on this project.

Or it could be that Santa saw the sign above and decided I needed new projects. And since it would be insulting to Santa not to cast on several new projects immediately, that’s what I did. Otherwise, he might not bring me new yarn next year! (Okay, I could probably go an entire year just fine without any new yarn purchases.)

Here’s a crummy indoor group photo. We’ve had so much rain lately, I couldn’t find a dry place for outside photos. It looks like I’ve started four new hats, but its actually two new hat projects, a scarf and a cowl. Here’s the last cast ons for 2018:

  • Holiday Drip Hat: This is a cashmere kit. Cashmere, oh my!
  • Holiday Reindeer Hat: This was an impulse gift on my part. I love holiday hats. The first one will be for myself, but I’m going to make several of these as gifts for 2019.
  • Holiday Wobble Cowl: More cashmere! The British Hubby has fantastic taste.
  • Tweedy Holiday: I love a classic houndstooth knit.

Less than 12 hours left in 2018 here in the PNW. I still have time for several more new projects. Father Christmas thought I was very good this year with yarn for a few more new projects I haven’t yet started and some LFC items. I think I’m going to save a few new projects for the beginning of 2019.

Even the kitties had a surprise from Father Christmas. Naturally, the box alone was a big hit. First Burt claimed it.

Then Ernie crashed the party.

Even Gracie had a cautious look inside the box.

How was your 2018? Was it full of intrigue, conspiracy and world domination?

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