Conspiracy Thursday: Jonestown

Don’t drink the kool-aid!

Thursday means we explore a new conspiracy theory. Normally, I look forward to writing a conspiracy blog all week. It’s a high point in my work week. That was until I came across this topic. The Jonestown Massacre was the next topic on the Conspiracy Theories podcast on parcast. For two days, I thought about skipping these episodes, but I had that gut feeling when you know something is wrong. Pretending this event didn’t happen didn’t seem right. Instead, this week’s Conspiracy Thursday will have a very different vibe. This is heavy content that is recommended for mature audiences. 

This past November was the 40 year anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre. 900 Americans died either by suicide or were mass murdered. The truth is probably some where in the middle. Some probably did take their own lives while others were murdered. The saddest part is over 1/3 were children. Jim Jones had parents kill their own children.

There is a plethora of information available about the People’s Temple. Those Conspiracy Guys talk about the CIA, mind control and MK Ultra. Rewire.News has an article that talks about the leadership circle. The Pacific Standard wrote an interesting article in 2015 when the Freedom of Information Act made more government documents available. San Diego State University has an entire website about Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and the People’s Temple. The memorial pages are heartbreaking.

Normally, I add my own conspiracy ideas to the mix. I enjoy relating them to cats or knitting or aliens. (It’s almost always aliens.) I’m not going to do that today. Instead, I’m going to leave you with these thoughts: Reach out to the people you love. Make connections in your community. Call an old friend or an elderly person. Care for your fellow human beings. Smiles and hugs cost nothing and provide so much.

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