Rain, Rain Go Away

Find peace in the rain.

Have you ever thought about vacationing with your cat? Given the British Hubby and I normally travel via our sidecar motorcycle, taking the kitties with us would be impractical. However, they would love all the napping nooks and windows at our home away from home on Orcas island.

February in the PNW means snow or copious amounts of rain. (Another reason why the sidecar motorcycle is sat in the garage.) Naturally, the first two days of our vacation has seen heavy amounts of rainfall. The British Hubby and I aren’t fair weather hikers, but neither one of us were motivated to hike in the rain.

Day one we did a little exploring. We found a very small movie theater that only has showings on Friday and Saturday nights.

We couldn’t figure out what the chains were until it started to rain. The chains guide the rain into drains instead of gutters.

We also found a fun bookstore. Sure, I brought with me two books I was hoping to finish, but The Travelling Cat Chronicles was calling my name. I’m missing Ernie snuggles so I thought this book would help. I think it’s just making me miss him even more!

The British Hubby spent a toasty day by the fireplace with a Buffy board game, our Godzilla puzzle and large amounts of tea. (Okay, there might be a few treats in there too. We are on vacation after all.)

The kitties are doing well with their kitty sitter. They would hate going on vacation.

Here’s another photo from our ferry journey.

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