Godzilla and the Black Hole

“Buddha might be the one thing that could settle Godzilla down. He might say, “Listen Godzilla, you don’t have to do all this. Just chill out a little bit and everything will be fine”.” ~ Brad Warner

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Friday, we traveled back from our Orcas Island adventure. Due to the ferry schedule, it took us all day! Fortunately, we were home in time for Godzilla movie night. Showing this weekend was Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.

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This movie was fantastic. Power, greed, floods, black holes being created and aimed at Godzilla from a satellite in space. Did I mention the life-sized swarm of dragonflies and worm hole? This movie was action packed.

Not the greatest outdoor photo, but everything is still very mushy.

The action scenes gave me plenty of chances to knit without subtitles. I made some good progress on my Plum Biased Wrap. I’m now using skein number two. The wrap measures 19.5 inches. Just 50 more inches to go in this section. Wow, that’s a lot of Godzilla movies!

The past week, the British Hubby and I had more down time since we were on vacation. We managed to finish our first Godzilla puzzle. Check out the progress above. I even found t-shirts to match the puzzle! Next, I’m going to figure out how to frame it. More details on that to come.

Lately, my Cheep and Cheerful drinks have been local stouts. I love a good stout. I decided to change it up this week with a new drink. I found special edition strawberry Baileys. I mixed it with Kahlua and some coconut milk. I was trying to create a chocolate strawberry adult beverage. It was close, but not quite right. I think I need some chocolate liqueur.

As you can imagine, Ernie hasn’t left our sides since we came back home. Poor kitty just wants to snuggle.

The new Godzilla movie is just 96 days and 9 hours away!

As I’m writing this, it’s changing between hail and snow at my house. I’m not sure if we’re done with winter weather this week. There’s more snow in the forecast.

3 thoughts on “Godzilla and the Black Hole

    • We still have large islands of snow in our yard. And there’s still the possibility of more snow this week.

      The wrap has become my Friday night knit along with the Cheep and Cheerful drink. I may have to work on it more often, but it’s sort of a boring knit.

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