Malabrigo March Comes to a Close

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure. ~ Bob Bitchin

I’m always a little sad on April 1. Malabrigo March has come to a close. For 31 days straight, I turn off that little voice inside my head nagging me about how many wips I have on the needles. You know that voice, my conscience. Mine goes on vacation every March. That probably explains all the carbs I ate last month. My conscience is back. (Good thing I worked out this morning.) That means I’m going to attempt to curb my carb consumption and actually finish some projects this month. Let’s see how many projects I can finish in April. I would like to say I won’t cast on any new projects, but I already have a new hat, sock and sweater lined up. I am going to declare April wip annihilation month.

I know what you’re thinking. How does this crazy knitter have three projects waiting to cast on when she’s started 16 projects last month? That’s right, 16! I have 1 out of 16 completed. Let’s see what my total is next week.

Even Gracie helped out with winding. Okay, she didn’t stay long. She didn’t understand what all the yarn fuss was about.

When does the tuna appear?

Happy Monday everyone.

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