National Pet Day

There are no ordinary cats. ~ Colette

Thursday was national pet day in the States. I suspect everyday is national pet day at our house. The British Hubby and I were home on Wednesday and Thursday with a stomach bug. When we weren’t in the bathroom, that meant extra snuggles for Ernie and Burt. Ernie tried to snuggle in the bathroom. Some cats have no shame.

As you can expect, Ernie was on cloud nine. Burt was sort of excited for extra fuse.

And Gracie slept down stairs on the couch as usual.

The British Hubby and I attempted a Godzilla movie last night, but I fell asleep trying to read the sub titles. I’ve finally started eating semi solid foods again. (You know I’m sick when I go several days without a drop of tea.) I hope to be back to our normal blogging schedule next week.

Stay healthy and snuggle your pets!

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