Reading Challenge: Book 4

It’s better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. ~ Autumn Leaves by Andre Gide

Oh my dear followers, with the snowapocalypse, Malabrigo March and then the stomach bug I completely missed a book I finished in early March. It was overdue at the library so I had to return it before I completed a review. (I like to think of my fines as donations to the public library system.)

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Bloody Mary is book two in the Jack Daniels Mysteries. Wow, this book was action packed. Jack’s ex-husband arrives on the scene just as her mom moves in with her and ruins the relationship she has with her current boyfriend. Jack’s partner Herb goes on a no carb diet, lose weight and decides to separate from his wife of 20 year (don’t worry they get back together). All this is happening while there’s a serial killer in jeopardy of getting off the hook by claiming his brain tumor made him a killer. That’s right, a brain tumor. These books are gritty, fast passed, and I love them.

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Doesn’t this look like Ernie?

I often post about tea during my book reviews. Remember my tea calendar? I did finish it, but recycled the little boxes before I posted about them. Not to worry, I’m going to try it again next December.

Today’s tea post is about my electric tea kettle or my dear departed tea kettle. As you can imagine, my tea kettle was reliable, trusty worth, dependable and non judgmental. It didn’t judge my bad hair and smelly breath when I rolled out of bed every morning. It didn’t mind if it was heating water for our hiking thermoses, pasta or copious cups of tea. It traveled with us to several parts of the country. The one and only part that was plastic (the part that connects the lid to the kettle) broke. Rest in peace dear tea kettle. You served us well.

Burt’s idea of dinner and a show. Happy mid-week everyone!

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