Liverpool are European Champions

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life for 90 minutes during the match all the other crap goes away.

I’ve seen this quote a few times, but it really hit home on June 1. That week we had several life altering events happen at work, in our personal lives and with our extended family. Watching Liverpool win the Champions League and become European Champions for the sixth time, made all of that melt away. Only two other teams have won it more. Real Madrid has 13 titles and Milan 7. Watch out Milan, we’re going to knock you out of the number two spot. Here’s a few interesting facts about the trophy itself. The current design is on it’s fifth trophy and LFC was the last team to have an actual trophy and not a replica.

If you didn’t catch the match, LFC tv still has highlights up. You might also still be able to watch the four hour parade through the streets of Liverpool. (You know we watched all four hours.) Oh my, what a terrible game to watch for various reason, but for Liverpool fans what a fantastic outcome. If you want a fantastic game to watch, the second leg of Liverpool vs. Barcelona in the semi-finals was one of the best games I’ve seen all season. That’s if you’re a Liverpool fan.

I’ve been slowly amassing LFC gear over the years, but this season I went a bit wild with all the wins. Above is my new kit for the 2019-2020 season, some new under garments, and some new LFC shot glasses I unearthed at our local British Pantry.

Ernie is loving his new nap spot. Now if only I can deck him out in LFC gear on game days.

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