The Completed Projects of June

Great things never came from comfort zones.

I wouldn’t call myself a knitter on the cutting edge. My wips do get a bit out of control sometimes, but I haven’t learned all that I can in the knitting world. It can be hard to push myself to learn new techniques when there are so many amazing hat patterns out there. I love knitting a good hat. That said, it should come as no surprise that my two completed projects in June are hats.

I’m officially half way completed with my MM19 wips. Even more exciting, I’m going to be adding in another MM wip to my knitting rotation. With a little luck and some extra knitting time in July, I might just be able to have all the MM19 wips in knitting rotation by the end of the month. Now that would be really exciting!

What could be ready for a soak? Could this mean another completed project next week?

I don’t have any new low carb/no carb/keto recipes this week. I haven’t done a stellar job eating healthy this week, but I have done a decent job working out every morning. I’m trying a new workout tomorrow. I suspect my fitness level will only get me half way, but I’m going to try none the less. I’ve always found it easier to eat healthy when I workout. Maybe next week I’ll have a new recipe.

The start of July means temperatures start to creep up. Gracie keeps cool by hardly moving.

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