He's on his last leg, sir. ~ Money Penny Now that we're firmly into autumn, we debated this weekend if we should forgo the Bond movie for Monster Mayhem. This week, we decided to start with a Bond film and finish with Monster Mayhem provided there was time for a double feature. Movie 11 is…Read more Moonraker

Boyz N the Woods and Live and Let Die

Don't worry darling, it's just a hat, belonging to a small-headed man of limited means, who lost a fight with a chicken. ~ Live and Let Die Friday night of a three day weekend is the best feeling. The entire weekend is before you full of hope and possibility. We took the opportunity to have…Read more Boyz N the Woods and Live and Let Die

A Better Tomorrow

"They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!" ~ Braveheart Action movies are great in every culture. A Better Tomorrow is an outstanding Hong Kong action film. While it may seem like a hooky 80's action flick, it's number two on the 100 Best Chinese Motion Pictures. This movie may have boxy…Read more A Better Tomorrow