And the Winner is…

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. ~ Mother Teresa

I know you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seats for the past week or so eagerly awaiting the results of the knitted giveaway. Okay, you probably haven’t been. Well, maybe just a little?

Cowl and scarf both tied! I thought I would help narrow down the options by picking my favorite 15 or so patterns. (How did that help, right?) I was so excited, I couldn’t figure out how to hyperlink the answers in the poll. Or maybe that’s not even an option, but I’ve listed all the patterns below with a few details. Scroll down for the poll.

  • Rupe – This is a classic cable scarf.
  • Bandana Cowl – The pattern calls for bulky, but I would make this a lighter weight.
  • Hitchhiker – This a light weight scarf/shawl.
  • Captured – This is a light weight cowl. I’m currently making one for a friend.
  • Grace Scarf – A lace scarf can be worn year round.
  • Beeswax Scarf – This is a geometric scarf.
  • Wheat – Another worsted weight scarf.
  • Zigzag Wander – A fingering weight scarf.
  • Windward – A fingering weight scarf with an interesting construction. It wears a bit more like a shawl.
  • Drop Stitch Scarf – Another fun medium weight scarf.
  • Shifting Sands – A medium weight cable scarf.
  • One by One – This can be done in any weight. I think it would look fantastic with stripes in a variegated skein and solid skein.
  • Mountain Pass – This could be a scarf or a cowl.
  • Cinnamon Scone – You probably think I picked this one for the name alone. A simple textured cowl.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Cowl – This cowl just looks fun.
  • Yellow Brick Road – I must be on a button kick. Another fun cowl.

Maybe once we narrow down the pattern to the top three or so, I’ll post options for yarn.

Ernie news. He’s been drug free for 24 hours and doesn’t appear to be limping, but we’re going to keep a close eye on him the next few days.

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