Blue Monday

Monday is a fresh a start. It’s never to late to dig in and begin a new journey of success.

It’s Monday again dear followers. I’m rather enjoying our Monday theme songs. Today’s is brought to you by New Order. It’s Blue Monday if you couldn’t guess. The British Hubby and I have been jamming out to this all evening. (Okay, I may have given away our ages there.)

Now new completed Malabrigo March projects this week. Sorry for the crummy dark photo. The daylight is waning fast here in the PNW.

This week we tried our first try using cauliflower instead of potatoes for breakfast hash browns. They didn’t turn out quite right, and wasn’t a very good replacement for a carb addict, but we had to try.

Ernie started limping on Saturday. Fortunately, our vet managed to squeeze us in for a surprise appointment. He’s taken the last of the anti-inflammatory pills. Now we see if that worked or we had back to the vets for testing. Fingers crossed, Ernie just landed funny on his front paw.

I managed to just catch a double rainbow this afternoon.

I think this means a good week for everyone.

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