Monster Mayhem 2019

“That ain’t cold weather. That’s death approaching.” ~ 30 Days of Night

The cold has struck early in the PNW. The lows have been in the upper 30’s or around 3 in Celsius. Normally, we don’t turn on the heat until November 1, but this year we made an exception. This week the lows are going to drop below freezing. That’s cold for October. It’s probably one reason my body finally succumbed to the cold going around. I’ve barely been at the day job this week. And there’s been next to no knitting (even knitting made me cough.)

Image result for ghostbusters 1984

You may recall, last year I decided October was Halloween Horror Month. We had a pretty great list of Halloween movies and shows. This year, we’ve named it Monster Mayhem 2019. Getting sick has cleared my schedule for movie watching and snuggling. I started with the very first movie that frightened me as a child, Ghostbusters and the giant Marshmellow Man. We’re going to attempt to watch 31 monster movies or tv shows this month. Here’s our list so far:

  1. Ghostbusters (1984) – the first movie to ever frighten me.
  2. Cat People – this is one of our favorite movies.
  3. Twilight Zone – this is always a classic show for October.
  4. Ghost Ship – this was spooky with a mute as a narrator.
  5. I walked with a Zombie – the title speaks for it’s self.
Image result for cat people

We’ve found a keto pizza that’s a bit lower in carbs. I think the main reason is it’s smaller than the other brand. It’s just enough with some veggies or a side salad. No adult beverage this week with the pizza. With all the cold and cough medicine, I’m on tea, water and vitamin C.

This week, I hope to move onto the next stage in my knitted give away, but for now the pattern selection poll is still open.

  • Beeswax Scarf – This is a geometric scarf.
  • Wheat – Another worsted weight scarf.
  • Zigzag Wander – A fingering weight scarf.
  • Windward – A fingering weight scarf with an interesting construction. It wears a bit more like a shawl.
  • Drop Stitch Scarf – Another fun medium weight scarf.
  • Shifting Sands – A medium weight cable scarf.
  • One by One – This can be done in any weight. I think it would look fantastic with stripes in a variegated skein and solid skein.
  • Mountain Pass – This could be a scarf or a cowl.
  • Cinnamon Scone – You probably think I picked this one for the name alone. A simple textured cowl.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Cowl – This cowl just looks fun.
  • Yellow Brick Road – I must be on a button kick. Another fun cowl.
  • Rupe – This is a classic cable scarf.
  • Bandana Cowl – The pattern calls for bulky, but I would make this a lighter weight.
  • Grace Scarf – A lace scarf can be worn year round.
  • Hitchhiker – This a light weight scarf/shawl.
  • Captured – This is a light weight cowl. I’m currently making one for a friend.
Look at this cutie!

Now that it’s October, do you watch Halloween movies all month?

6 thoughts on “Monster Mayhem 2019

  1. The most frightening movies for me were Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Rosemary’s Baby. The Birds has resulted in a lifelong issue of being around more than three or four birds at a time. 😉

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