Craftvent Take Two

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning. ~ Meister Eckhart

My first attempt at Craftvent II didn’t go according to plan. Taking advantage of the first attempt, I decided to change out the main color and go for a longer needle. This does not reflect how I feel about the event/kal as a whole. In fact, my new supplies came from the same online dealer that organizes Craftvent.

One positive, I was able to try using two skeins for my cast on. I made one minor adjustment to the video above. I used both strands of yarn to make a slip knot. Then I split the strands to cast on 246 stitches. This made casting on a breeze.

Day two is back on track with a new main color. I know you’re not at all surprised I’m using Malabrigo sock as the new main color. It may still be gifted, but I wanted to have the option just in case.

I’m using crock-pots to get in more knitting time. Warm spinach dip makes a great snack on cheesy chips or some sliced meat. Yum!

I’m trying to get Ernie in the holiday spirit. We have some work to do yet.

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